Amenity Center Amenities


Several chidren's playgrounds can be found within the community. They offer children a variety of equipment such as tree forts, swings and slides. The main three can be found between Red Bay Lane & Bateaux Drive (Long Park), on Donning Drive almost at the end of Donning (Donning Park) and on Beech Alley off of Lotz between Weston Hall and Donning (Beech Park). There are residents working to try to add additional playground equipment to the Treehouse area.


Recreational Parks

There are other park areas within the community. Rowhouse Square on Musket Loop, Long Park between Bateaux Dr and Red Bay Lane, Headwaters Park at Headwaters Dr and Village Ponds Dr (also has two covered adult swings), Warbler Park (also with a covered adult swing), Beech Park at Inkleberry Alley and Beech Alley and Donning Park (on Donning Dr just past Weston Hall Dr).


For now, there is also an entire field area next to the Amphitheater at Headwaters Dr and Village Ponds Dr. Eventually, this area is slated for development. But for now is available for the enjoyment of residents.


Open-air Amphitheatre

The community amphitheatre is used for resident recreation and community events. Some of the events include The Fourth of July Celebration (FourthFest), Summer Concert Series and Movie Nights. The open field next to it is used for parking. Residents are free to bring chairs and coolers and make an evening of it. The amphitheater is located towards the beginning of the community at Village Ponds Drive and Headwaters Drive.


Boat/Kayak Launch

There are a couple of locations along the banks of Village Pond where small boats and kayaks can be launched by residents. Residents will need a key fob to enter the area. These key fobs are issued by the HOA management company. The entrance to the field area is off of Headwaters Drive.



There is ample fishing available in both Ponds at the head of the community and in Schultz Lake in the back of the community. Do not forget to obtain a fishing license, especially for the public access Schultz Lake. The community has a Fishing Club and sponsors a couple of fishing tournaments during the year.


Miles of Trails

The exact amount of trail spaces is still under investigation. There is an extensive trail system running behind the two ponds and lots of smaller trails tucked within the community in green space areas. These trails/paths range from plain dirt, pine straw covered and even crushed stone. They are available for residents to walk, jog and even take Golf Carts on.


Flower Gardens

There are numerous flower gardens dotted throughout the community. The HOA management company maintains these flower gardens. They replant seasonally. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna planted throughout the communities.



At Our Amenities Center At The Farmhouse And Pavilion

The galleries of pictures below shows the wonderful amenities of the community. Moving your cursor onto a picture will pause the gallery. Once you move your cursor off the picture, the gallery will continue to the next picture. There are also left and right arrows to manually scroll through the pictures. We are always looking for pictures of previous events to showcase in our gallery.


In And Around Our Community


Community Swimming Pool

We have a community-only swimming pool at the main amenities center (Farmhouse). The pool is open from April 1 through October 31. The hours are from sunup to sundown. While there is lighting at the pool, the lumen level is not high enough to allow nighttime swimming. The pool area features several covered cabanas, each equipped with overhead fans and electrical outlets. Chairs and loungers are provided by the HOA for residents. The L shaped chlorine pool features a zero-entry area and goes to five (5) feet at the extreme end. Diving is prohibited. No glass is allowed in the pool area at any time. The pool area is under surveillance at all times. There are no lifeguards and residents use the pool at their own risk. You must have an electric key fob to enter the pool. These key fobs are issued by the HOA company. Residents must never allow non-residents to use the pool unless they are bringing them in as guests. Residents will be held financially liable for any damage caused by you or your guests.


Community Treehouse and Playground

The Community Treehouse is located right next to the pool area. It is a great playing area for children with two slides and a two-tier deck to climb upon. With a bench for adults to sit and supervise, children of all ages enjoy playing in the Treehouse under the shade of the Live Oaks. On The History of The Ponds page, there is a small write-up and link to an article about the history of the Treehouse.


Refurbished Farmhouse

The historic farmhouse dates back to the 1830's. The original developer saved the farmhouse, moved it to the present location and refurbished it. It currently is used for offices of the HOA management company. The dining hall and kitchen are available for rental by residents for events. Contact the HOA office for details on rental rates and bookings.


The HOA also permits and sometimes sponsors events in the Farmhouse. The wrap around front porch has lots of rockers. Residents are welcome to use the rockers even when the Farmhouse is closed.


Community Kitchen Garden

Immediately behind the Farmhouse lies the Community Garden. A group of volunteer residents plant and maintain the garden. It was envisioned as a "kitchen garden", growing many of the vegetables and herb plants necessary for the operation of the kitchen. If you are interested in joining the group that plants and tends the garden, please contact the HOA office.


Covered Pavilion and Grilling Stations

Across from the Farmhouse lies the Covered Pavilion and grilling stations. The Pavilion has numerous picnic tables and several tables and chairs. It is equipped with electricity and has overhead fans for those hot summer days. There is also a fireplace within the Pavilion and a firepit just outside the Pavilion. Residents are welcome to come and use the Pavilion when not in use for a rental event. Residents can rent the Pavilion for private events.


Two large grills are located outside of the Pavilion between the Pavilion and Farmhouse. They are free for residents to use as long as a rental event is not in progress. Residents are asked to properly clean the grills after use.


Dog Park

A Dog Park, Dog Run is now available to the community. This is the first amenity that is being funded directly through resident contributions. It is going to be located on Oak View Way just beyond where the Food Trucks normally park and directly across from the large retention pond inside of Cresswind. It was researched thoroughly by a group of residents and presented to Kolter in the hopes they would fund it (since much of their sales brochures listed the Dog Park as an amenity). Kolter declined to fund it but gave approval for HOA space to be dedicated for residents to build it. It is strategically located where trees will provide shade for the comfort of the animals on those hot summer days.


Shady Oak Coffee Cottage

The Coffee Cottage is a getaway spot for residents to relax, read and have a cup of coffee. Keurig pods are available for residents. There is also free Wi-Fi, shelves of books, newspapers and a television. Some of the clubs within the community use it as a meeting location. Residents are free to use the Coffee Cottage but must obtain their own unique pass codes to enter it. This pass code can be obtained from the HOA office in the Farmhouse. The Coffee Cottage is located just outside the Farmhouse between the Farmhouse and the Farmhouse parking lot.


Multipurpose Field

This field is available for residents to use for any particular sport or activity they wish. It was conceived as a location for children to play football, soccer or other sporting activities. Since Kolter Homes setup the field, it has been popular with dog walkers and adults for adult kickball. The multipurpose field is located behind the Treehouse and community pool in the amenties center.




The Ponds Communities offers a variety of amenities for both adults and children to enjoy. The main amenities center is located at the Shultz-Lotz Farmhouse (326 Hundred Oaks Pkwy). Other amenities are dotted throughout the community. Only amenities available to all of the communities are listed below. We did not want to extend open invitations to amenities that may be exclusive to specific communities.


The Ponds Communities can boast a community swimming pool, a covered outdoor pavilion, grilling stations, a community garden, a refurbished farmhouse available for resident rental events, a children's treehouse, a dog park (coming soon), a coffee cottage, several childrens playgrounds, an open-air amphitheatre, a boat/kayak launch, two stocked ponds for boating and fishing, access to Schultz Lake for boating and fishing, miles of walkable trails (golf carts welcome on the trails) several open space areas for residents to gather for parties and recreation, many flower gardens maintained by the HOA and a multipurpose playing field.


While they do not belong to The Ponds Communities, we can also boast having a YMCA and a Dorchester County Fire & EMS station in our neighborhood.


The Ponds' 25,000 square-foot YMCA at The Ponds, residents can use cardiovascular equipment and free weights in one of the two fitness centers, partake in aerobics, use the full-size basketball court or enjoy organized sports and wellness programs. Residents must join the YMCA at The Ponds as it is not included in the community association. 


Below are two maps. One of them is the entire community with many of the amenities marked and the other a map of the main amenities area at the Farmhouse and Pavilion.  Following that are pictures and write-ups for many of the amenities. 

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