Committees of the HOA and Board of Directors

Social Committee

The primary responsibility of the Social Committee is in planning out and running HOA sponsored events within The Ponds Communities. The HOA provides a yearly budget to be used to apply to events to keep ticket prices lower or to completely cover the costs of some events. The committee meets monthly in the evenings and is open to residents of all three communities. Committee members may be asked to work with vendor businesses for some events. They will also be required to help setup, run and clean up from events.

This committee is now run completely by residents and no longer has the HOA company running the committee. This is why it is important for residents to help plan and run the events. We need your help to keep events running in the community. Even if you can only volunteer to help out with a few events, your help is needed. Without residents, we no longer will have events in the community. 

Contact the Social Committee to volunteer or with questions and suggestions at:


Welcome Committee

The primary responsibility of the Welcome Committee is to assist the Lifestyle Director in putting together welcome packets and distributng them to new residents. This committee is new and does not have a regular meeting schedule yet.

Contact – Jill Minor, Lifestyle Director,


Sunshine Committee

The primary responsibility of the Sunshine Committee is to assist the Lifestyle Director in identifying residents that require some special assistance and coordinating any assistance that the residents can provide. Some of the special circumstances are items like deaths in the family, illness, serious injury, etc... The committee may be helping to organize food trains or run errands for the resident. This is a new committee and does not yet have a regular meeting scheduled.

Contact – Jill Minor, Lifestyle Director,


Buildings and Grounds Committee 

The primary responsibility of the Buildings and Grounds Committee is to advise and assist the PCA Board in preserving and enhancing the physical environment of the common property. The committee will work to identify issues related to the common property that may require repair/replacement, and ensure the on-going maintenance of the property.

Meet monthly with Director of maintenance on outstanding issues

Work in concert with Board and Management company to inspect common areas

Make recommendations for improvement/enhancement of common areas.

Contact Information: Aaron Piper, Maintenance Director


Conservancy Programming Committee 

The primary responsibility of the Conservancy Programming Committee is to provide programming and resources, to the residents of the Ponds, that connect with the four functions of the Conservancy. (Environmental Stewardship, Education and Enrichment, Building a Sense of Community, Outreach Programs)

Meet regularly with Management to lay out upcoming events/calendaring

Solicit outside vendors for lectures and other educational needs

Volunteer and execute events/programs


Technology Committee 

The primary responsibility of the Technology Committee is to provide recommendations to the PCA Board that will leverage technology (website, apps, forms, etc) to better serve the residents of The Ponds.

Provide the groundwork and structure for a PCA specific website

Provide status updates on processes and functions of new tools

Make recommendations on current and future uses of technology


Covenants Committee 

The primary responsibility of the Covenants Committee is to advise and assist the PCA Board in monitoring and enforcing compliance, by owners and residents, as outlined in the Covenants and Restrictions.

Meet monthly with Community Manager to review violations/appeals

Make recommendations on potential rules and regulation changes

Liaison with community on issues related to compliance

Contact Information:


Design Review Board 
The primary responsibility of the Design Review Board is to approve/deny DRB Applications per the Design Guidelines and Covenants.

    1. Meet monthly with the Compliance Coordinator to review and deny/approve submitted applications
    2. Make recommendations to the PCA Board on guideline changes/amendments
    3. Review "completed" projects and provide final approval/changes needed for completions

Contact Information: Management -

                                  Committee –

The HOA management company and the board of directors rely on residents to help manage the community. To keep HOA dues as low as possible, the community does not hire large staffs for the HOA management company. Resident help is necessary to this community and other residents. Event planning, maintenance priorities, covenants changes, rules & regulations maintenance, design guidelines changes and more need resident input. While board approval is necessary for all of the work results of these committees, resident input and work is a necessity. 


This is our community. We need to be prepared to seamlessly step in once Kolter has left the community. In the mean time, helping them mange the community helps the board and helps all of the residents.


Please consider giving just a little bit of your time to one of these committees. You can call the Farmhouse to find out more about these committees and join them.

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