Contacting the HOA Management Company - This page has all of the contact information for First Service Residential, our HOA management company. The staff are all listed along with their email addresses.  

Basic Information about a Homeowners Association (HOA) - This page has information about what an HOA is, what the are resposible for doing and the actions they may take 


Homeowners Association

This group of pages provides information about Homeowners Associations. No one provides this kind of information to residents either as part of their purchase process or once they become residents of the community. Some folks have never lived in an HOA community and are not familiar with them at all. Hopefully, these pages will provde some basic understanding about an HOA, explain the Governing Documents of a Homeowners Association, help you in contacting the HOA Management Company staff and inform you as to your rights as a homeowner in an HOA controlled community.

Governing Documents of the HOA - These are the documents that define the HOA and govern their responsibilities and actions they need to take. 

Your Rights As A Homeowner In a HOA Controlled Communty - It is important that you know your rights as a homeowner. How to specifically understand what actions you can take when violations are issued against you by the HOA 

HOA Federal, State and Local Laws and Ordinances - Even though HOA's fall under contract law, they still must abide by a variety of federal, state and local laws and ordinances. As a resident, you need to be aware of them

FirstService Residential Connect Portal for Residents of The Ponds - This link will open up a new page/tab on your browser and take you to the FirstService Residential (FSR) Connect Portal for residents of The Ponds. This is the official portal for residents to view the FSR event calendar, view the forms and documents in the documents repository, see when your HOA dues are due and pay them online and view maintenance work orders for new home  

Committees Of The HOA and Board of Directors - Just what it says. Our HOA and the Board of Directors frequently commission committees to work on responsibilities laid out in the Covenants and By-Laws.

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