For Residents that have a new home built by one of the builders within the community, you're closing normally includes an additional closing meeting with the HOA Management company. There are specific items that only they can provide. If that did not happen, make sure you contact them (see the Contacting The HOA Management Company page) and setup a meeting. Here are items you need to make sure you get done in that meeting:


Obtain a key FOB for entry through the gate on Headwaters Drive and the gate immediately before the entrance to Cresswind. Those gates are specifically for residents and you need that FOB to open them (temporarily not necessary for the Headwaters Gate and gate immediately before Cresswind. But, still necessary for the gate to the swimming pool).


Get a passcode to the Coffee Cottage. Each resident has a unique passcode. This allows the HOA management company to track specifically who is entering the cottage. This became required when damage was repeatedly done within the cottage.


Arrange with them for information necessary to register at the FirstService Residential Portal. This portal allows you to pay your HOA payments, view and download documents and forms, create and monitor new build warranty service requests and view the community activity calendar.


Obtain your written copy of the Rules and Regulations for all of the common properties, easements and open spaces. These are also available through the First Service Residential Portal.


Obtain your written copy of the Design Guidelines. This is an important document for planning any exterior modifications to your new home. You need to be aware that there is a procedure involved with making these modifications. There is a DRB Request form that must be filled out and emailed for approval by the Design Review Board.


If you have a Golf Cart, you need to fill out a registration form for the community and obtain a sticker for the cart.


If you have a pet, you need to register them with the HOA in order to use the Dog Park. It is free to register. There is a form on the FirstService Connect Portal. 


Make sure you get/have a key to your mailbox if you bought/built in an area where you have to use the community mailbox for your mail. First Service may not be able to help you if you purchased a resale house. But for new home builds, they provide the box number and keys (2) to that mailbox. For resales, if you did not get those keys at your closing, you may need to go back to your closing agent to have them contact the previous owners.


See if FirstService has any maps of the trails or the community. These come in handy navigating the community.


Are you a Social Media fan? The Ponds has several Facebook groups, a Nextdoor group and a group on MeWe. All of the groups are private groups. You must request to be added the group and wait to be admitted once your residency in The Ponds is verified:- "The Ponds Residents, Summerville SC" - This is the main Facebook group of the community. Admins for this group include one of our board members. Inappropriate posts can and have been removed.- "The Ponds "Buy, Sell Trade & Free" (Residents Only)" - This Facebook group is used by residents who want to sell items within the community. You have to be a resident of the community to join the group.- "The Ponds HOA" - This Facebook group is for the postings by the HOA management company. The HOA does not participate on the other resident's group and is supposed to put event notices and HOA communication out via this group.- There are several residents created groups on Facebook, most of which started because many people found the rules surrounding postings on "The Ponds Residents, Summerville SC" group to be too restrictive. Entry to these groups is all at the discretion of the resident's running admin for them. They are: "The Ponds Neighborhood Watch", "The Ponds Secure Neighborhood Watch", "The Ponds: Uncensored", "The Ponds UNCENSORED Take Two"- "P o N d S  Community" group on MeWe is run by a resident as an alternative to Facebook for people tired of the Facebook censorship, editorializing and incessant commercialism.

- Nextdoor has a "The Ponds" community just for Ponds residents. 


Cresswind residents need to consult the Cresswind website for additional information


Are you new to South Carolina? Do not forget to read the information on the New to South Carolina page


Looking for nearest places? Jump on this page right to what you need:    Grocery Stores        Schools        Restaurants      Churches      Hospitals


Information For New Residents

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