You have reset your password. You can now navigate to one of the "Resident Only Pages" sub-menu options, click on it, and sign in with your new password.

Click on the "My Profile" and you should get thr screen shown at left


Correct any of the information that is incorrect, including your login id/email address or your password.


If changing the password, remember to enter it twice.


Once everything is correct, click on UPDATE to save the changes

Once you click on the reset link, this screen will pop up. Your email address/login credentials should already be filled in for you. 


Type in your new password and then re-enter it to ensure the same password was typed correctly.


Click on the SUBMIT button

Check your email Inbox for the password reset email. The title of the email is Password Reset Request on thepondsscresidents.net


Click on the supplied link to reset your password.

On the left is the "Forgot your Password Screen: where you enter your email address and click SUBMIT


On the right is the response you should get after entering your email address and clicking SUBMIT

Want To Change Your Password?

If you want to change your password, log into the site using your current login credentials. Once logged in, you should see this in the upper right corner of the screen:

You simply enter your email id/login id and password to complete the login process.


See further down this page if you forgot your password or want to change your password.

On that same login page, there is a link (Forgot password?) that you can click to have your password reset. Clicking that link brings up a screen for you to enter your email/login credentials. Once entered, an email is sent by the site containing a link to allow you to change your password.



Once you have login credentials, you will be presented with a login screen when you select any other of the "Resident Only Pages" sub-menu options. Once logged in, that login session remains until you signout or close the window/tab of your session. That means you will not have to log in over and over as you navigate from one sub-menu option to another. 


The login screen looks like this:

Resident Only Pages Login Information

We did a soft release back in May for this website. We received the expected response from Kolter. Instead of seeing this as a way to make sure that balanced and factual information was available to all residents, they went ballistic and demanded the removal of some materials that might have made it look like they sanctioned the website. Because we really want Kolter to accept (not necessarily embrace) this website, we removed the materials they requested be removed. Basically, it was some of their public access YouTube videos about The Ponds created by Kolter. We left the title names and told people how to search for them out on YouTube.


We did receive one criticism (not from Kolter) that was very reasonable and appropriate. Many of the issues and concerns within the community should be only for people that live in the community. That way we can legitimately publish board member and resident's opinions that would normally violate the non-public aspect of some social media groups. Since those will only be seen by resident members, we are not violating the intent of the non-public postings. 


The Issues and Opinions menu option was changed to Resident Only Pages. All of the sub-menu options can now only be viewed by residents. Unfortunately, this means adding a login capability to the website. It also means that you will need to request to be added to the website as a resident. We will take the same approach as is done for additions to the Facebook residents' group. We will need to verify that you are the owner of a house within one of the three communities within The Ponds. To do this, we will look up the house on the Dorchester County Real Property public access database. For new owners there may be a delay due to the length of time the county takes to update their database. We are still contemplating renters. For now, only the legal owner can view the resident-only pages but that discussion continues.


You only need one login credential per household but can submit for separate credentials if desired.

To obtain login credentials, you must:

   Send an email to ThePondsSCResidents@gmail.com (click on the address to the left to start an email)

   Make sure the subject of the email is: Request for Resident Login Credentials

   Include this information:

       Your first and last name (must match the public access property information)

       The full address of your property

       Your email address (this will become your logon id)

       A requested first-time password (you can change it as you see fit. Passwords must have one capital letter and one number)


Once your logon id is created, your registered email address should receive an email that looks like this:



Forgot Your Password?

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