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We are trying hard to make sure that the information presented to you is based on factual statements and not conjecture or opinions. But, after much discussion, we wanted to have a special section of the website that showed the issues within the communities and allowed for opinions by residents.

We think a website that does not allow residents to voice their opinions about community issues does a huge disservice to residents. We are not going to allow this to turn into the same fighting we see occurring on social media. We will not have residents commenting on each other's postings. Instead, we do several things:

1. For community issues, we looked through the social media pages for resident opinions. For now, we posted them without the resident's name since this is a public website. In the future, we may include this whole section in a resident only section and allow residents to "opt in" to having their names identified on postings.

2. We created a Blog area. We will post questions or issues on the Blog as residents request it or our staff decides to reach out for resident opinions.

3. We will publish emails from residents to allow them to reach out to the community.

We ask only that residents keep their opinions civil and family safe and do not point fingers at other residents. 

Important Notices - Dated notices to residents. Come here to see if there are important messages or notices that residents should be aware of.

Calendar of Events - FSR keeps a calendar of events in their connection portal. More times than none, it does not contain much in the way of information such as cost, purchase deadlines, activities, etc.  We tried to expand the info to make it better for you.

The Residents Social Committee Information - Now that the residents of The Ponds Communities are responsible for the social events in the community, the committee is now publishing dates for all events as well as keeping residents informed on the Lifestyle Budget usage

Community Newsletters - for now, reposting of the Ponds HOA quarterly newsletters.

Community Photos & Videos of Events and Clubs - Residents have shared pictures of various events and holidays in the community

Community Board - The Community Board is hosted by ProBoards and gives residents a place that is not on social media to interact, post calendar entries for non-HOA supported events and respond to issues.


Ponds Community Association Board of Directors Meetings - Videos of the HOA Board of Director meetings can be found on this page.


Town Hall and Special View Videos - This page had recordings of Town Hall meetings and Special Meetings conducted in The Ponds.


Frequently Asked Questions - Database of questions with answers on a variety of topics.


Of Interest In Our Community - A wide array of subjects that are of interest to our community. 


Resident Issues - A series of pages that provide information about the pressing issues of the three communities within The Ponds


Mediation Settlement Agreement - This is a new option to get residents directly to the Mediation Settlement Agreement. This is an important read!!!

Official Documents Repository - Consolidated document drop of all the documents referenced on the website

The Ponds Blog - A community Blog page where residents can add their opinions and vote on issues of the day.

Emails To The Staff - We will publish emails from residents so that they can bring up new issues or just simply to voice their opinion.

Editorials - The opinions from the staff of this website.





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