Resident Information

The site only contains a few services to assist residents. Our hope is that it will continue to grow as time goes on. You can access these same services via the drop down options from the Resident Information option on the main menu or navigating to them from this page. This information was not placed behind the "Residents Only Pages" to make it available for the general public to see about how great our community is. Click on the blue link to proceed to that page.

Important Numbers and Contacts - This is just an information page for residents to use to find the names, telephone numbers, email addresses of important contacts.


Dorchester County and South Carolina Useful Websites

- This page has useful website links for websites within the Dorchester County government and the South Carolina State government:


Looking for things near me? - Trying to find a Hospital, Schools, Church or Restaurant nearby? Look here for it.

New to South Carolina? - Are you and your family new to South Carolina? We tried to put together some valuable information concerning that move to South Carolina

Information for new Residents - Residents new to the neighborhood really do not have a good checklist of information about that move into the neighborhood. We tried to put together as much information as possible pertinent to new residents 

Special View Videos - We found some interesting video link for residents. Some are video links of the various county meetings. Some are just information videos about Sumerville, Charleston and a variety of attractions

Contact the Staff - This will take you to our Contact page where you can email the staff with ideas and opinions ==>Click here

Events and Clubs - information about the various activities within the community and clubs we know about within the community 

Local and Resident Owned Business Services - This is a repository of businesses owned and/or operated by your fellow residents. When looking for goods and services, check here first to see if one of your fellow residents can fill it. 

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