Dorchester County Parks Update

YouTube Playlist for Middleton Place Plantation Click Here

Plantations of Charleston, SC

YouTube Playlist of videos for Drayton Hall Plantation

Click Here

At the request of Kolter, we removed the Youtube links to their videos out on Youtube. If you go out to YouTube and search on the titles below, you can view the videos about The Ponds made by Kolter.

The 2022 Witches Walk

Drone Video

Dorchester County Public Meetings

The Ponds Amphitheater

Videos of Dorchester County

Instead of trying to keep putting links for each new meeting, it turns out that Dorchester County has a playlist on YouTube for al of their public meetings.


View YouTube Playlist of all Dorchester County Public Meetings in a new page:

Click Here



Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site: Archaeology Tour

Lowcountry Colonial Days at Colonial Dorchester

Videos of Charleston

Videos about The Ponds and its communities

Videos about Summerville

Charleston, SC: A One Hour Video Tour

Special View Videos

Scroll through the various videos or jump directly to the specific category:

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Go Family Friendly: The Ponds in Summerville

Go Outdoors: The Ponds in Summerville

Events at The Ponds

This is the life at The Ponds

Suzy Torres presents The Ponds

The Ponds

The Ponds Farmhouse

Living in Summerville:

Video Vlog

Welcome to Summerville

Go Summerville

Summerville: Flowertown in The Pines

Historic Summerville: Tour

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