The Ponds Conservancy

The Ponds Conservancy's existence is established through covenants and restrictions running with the land in The Ponds community. The basis for its operations is set through Articles of Incorporation By-Laws for the nonprofit entity.


Enjoyment of Ponds Conservancy programs is available to all property owners in The Ponds. Funding of the Conservancy is through a transfer fee associated with all sales or resales of property within The Ponds communities.



Ponds Conservancy Charter

The Ponds Conservancy, a non-profit organization, is created to enhance the quality of life and sense of community at The Ponds. The Conservancy is funded by a sales transfer fee where a percentage of all sales at The Ponds is contributed to the Conservancy in perpetuity. This percentage may be adjusted from time to time. The Conservancy has four major functions:

- to promote environmental stewardship

- to provide educational and enrichment programs

- to promote and enhance a sense of "community" within The Ponds

- to promote outreach programs and volunteerism in Summerville and Dorchester County. The Conservancy will serve the residents of The Ponds, the Town of Summerville and Dorchester County.



Using a selected team of professionals and volunteers, an Environmental Stewardship Plan may be developed to help safeguard the environmental integrity of The Ponds conservation and natural areas. The plan's primary objectives will be to maintain diversity of plants and animals, preserve and enhance the water quality in and around The Ponds, and to minimize the conflict between the needs of a mixed-use community and the needs of wildlife and the ecosystem.

The Environmental Stewardship Plan is a dynamic evolving process that will be reviewed and updated at intervals by the natural resource team and the Conservancy Board to ensure that man and the abundant diversity of existing flora and fauna thrive in sustainable harmony.



The objective of an Education and Enrichment program is to promote and facilitate lifelong learning. The program may include the following:

- Site visits and lectures by naturalists, historians and students to study the area and present findings.

- Workshops that offer lifelong learning for the entire family.

- Publications such as a Ponds trail map, flora and fauna inventory, historic studies, and other appropriate material.

- Monthly selected topics such as winter ecology, ponds, forest, marine biology and historic events presented through a variety of related activities including walks, exhibits, lectures and handouts.

- Nature tours by foot, car or boat.

- Ongoing promotions of wellness and wellness programs.

- Events focused on academic enrichment.

- Sharing and combining programs with the on-site public school, YMCA and other community resources.



Community Building initiatives will promote and enhance artistic, cultural and social components of The Ponds lifestyle. Specific components of such initiatives can include:

- Supporting work of high artistic merit in literacy, media, performing and visual arts.

- Art exhibits and shows.

- Art competitions.

- Collection and display of artificial facts.

- Collection and display of community art.

- Musical and theatrical events.

- Seasonal festivals.

- Themed gatherings.

- Welcome wagon for new residents.

- Athletic competitions.



Outreach program will promote and facilitate the sharing of Ponds property owner voluntary time and resource contributions with its neighbors. The Conservancy may organize and implement special initiatives which can benefit charitable organizations and selected recipients. It can also invite neighboring community organizations to take advantage of selected educational and cultural events within The Ponds.


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