Trail Club Map
Trail Map 3
Tim Gott Updated Trails Map

This is a trail map updated by resident Tim Gott

This is a series of pictures of our beautiful trail systems

This is the map that was handed out by Kolter to all Creesswind new home buyers with the same trail information and highlighted points of interest within the community.


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Peter Crumbie, and the trail club he belongs to, drew this map of the trail systems they mapped out in the front part of the community. He graciously provided this to one of our board members who posted it on Facebook and sent it to us.


An adobe version of the trail map can be brought up for you to download by clicking the button below

This was the map that Kolter was providing to new home buyers advertising all of the trails within the community.


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Trail Systems

Before development, this property had been used for hunting. The hunters added to the significant amount of trail systems that existed on the nearly 2,000 acres of property. By some accounts, as many as 26 miles of trail systems existed on the property.

Development has elimianted a significant amount of these trails. The Developers Agreement indicates that at least 10 miles of trails will exist in the community by the end of all planned development. According to the same agreement, these trails can be natural dirt trails, pine straw covered, stone and even upgraded to concrete.

There are varying maps showing old or current trail systems within the property. This page has varying maps. Some were developed by the developers while others were provided by residents and the various clubs within the community. 

For those produced by the developer, we would point you back to the portal repository to view. After reviewing the documents within the portal, there are no documents that show the trail system within the community. 

We started to collect pictures from residents showing the trail systems through the years. Some of the pictures are of trails that were developed over or altered. Some are from the remaining trails.  Click to jump to the collage of trail pictures:  Trail Pictures


Looking for Trail Pictures!!!
We are looking for pictures people may have taken over the years of the various trails within The Ponds. If anyone who has lived here back before Kolter has pictures of some of the original trails that are now gone, we would love to include them as well. We want to be able to put up the pictures on our residents website as a way of preserving the images of the trails.

If you can, please email them to with the Subject line: Ponds Trails

Please be sure to include in the emails the name of the trail in each picture, when the picture was taken and make sure your name is in the email exactly how you would like it to appear with the picture as we credit each picture to the person who took it or posted it

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